Pessimism is a form of mental alcoholism, it rejects healthy drinks and is fond of drunken wine in the treatment, it plunges it into morbid gloom, from which it seeks salvation in an even stronger dope. Rabindranath Tagore – Indian writer, poet

Marriage is formed from love, like vinegar from wine tastes. George Gordon Byron the 6th Baron Byron – English poet, romantic

Praise, like wine, liberates our strength, if not intoxicating. Pierre Claude Victor Boiste – French poet

According to some Wine Experts, the fastest growing is the Wine category in the price range of 10-20 US dollars.

in 2020, sales of Wine and Whiskey increased sharply, sales of Vodka and Beer also increased, while Champagne and Konk remained at the same level, many cafes and restaurants in the World were closed where alcoholic beverages were sold and sales in supermarkets and shops increased as many people began to buy alcohol and going home, many shops have established the delivery of food to homes and offices in general, people during the quarantine began to eat and drink more and less go in for sports walk breathe fresh air in wineries people work in masks and use antiseptics, which complicates the production of Wine and the collection of Grapes some countries impose restrictions for bars, restaurants, Wineries and other service businesses.

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According to many experts in the wine industry, Red Wine is best preserved for hundreds of years than White Wine, for example, Rose Wine has its own storage characteristics, Champagne can be stored for a very long time. humidity and temperature conditions in such stone cellars underground Wine and Champagne could be stored in wine glasses or in bottles for a very long time because the correct storage of Wine and Champagne is a guarantee of quality Wine or Champagne.

More than one in the world is gaining popularity. Wine made in China, excellent ecology and hot summers, and good hardworking Winemakers make Chinese Wine of good quality.

This is wine that inspires new generative processes, and I am Bacchus, who puts forward this magnificent wine for humanity and makes them spiritually drunk. Ludwig van Beethoven – Famous German composer.

Some Wineries, Wine Shops, cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Online Shops sell Wine for Bitcoin.

White tablecloth with gilding elements, White Wine, White Glasses with gilding elements, Cutlery Gold-plated silver, white Circle-shaped bread, Butter, Black caviar, Lemon, Truffle, White Cheese, Fresh Pear juice, Red Sicilian Orange juice, Water, Blackberry under Cream, Banana under Cream decorated with Strawberries and Blueberries, Crystal Vase with elements of gold and diamonds decor and in it there are lights of Pink and White Roses, Bon Appetit.

Many Shops, bars, restaurants organized without contact delivery of Food, Wine, essential goods, Food and Wine can be ordered online through Internet sites without leaving the House.

Rather, bring me a cup of wine so that I can refresh my mind and say that it’s not smart. Aristophanes - Ancient Greek poet

The adage true in wine can be an argument for those who believe that all people are liars. As for me, I would not want to live with a person who is lying sober and who needs to be poured with wine in order to wrest the words of truth from him. Samuel Johnson – English writer

The abundance of drunk wine leads to talkativeness. Menander – Athenian poet-playwright

Wine, Cheese, Honey.

Red Wine made in France, in Burgundy, has a special unique taste, many poets, writers, historians and philosophers wrote in their books, poems, memoirs about French Wine made in Burgundy, centuries-old traditions and technologies make Wine from Burgundy unique, Wine from Burgundy is appreciated by wine lovers from around the world.

In Wine advertising, you can often see beautiful girls and guys remember advertising, sometimes it can be deceiving.

Wine is forbidden, but there are four but: It depends on who, with whom, when and in moderation drinks wine. Subject to these four conditions, all sensible wine is allowed. Omar Khayyam – Persian sings

Anger and short temper is not a place in married life. A married woman will face austerity, but let this harshness be useful and sweet, like wine, and not bitter, like aloe, and unpleasant, like a medicine. Plutarch – Ancient greek writer

But the wine teaches the same wisdom, on every goblet, a copybook of life “fill your mouth and you will see the bottom.” Omar Khayyam – Famous Persian sings

Vitamins in Wine are a myth or reality, Red Wine may contain Wine. Vitamins B1, B2, P, C on the basis of the usefulness of Wine there is no consensus.

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In expensive and luxurious restaurants, bars and cafes of the world, before pouring wine, a sommelier may offer to smell, examine the cork from a bottle of wine. Good wine connoisseurs by cork can determine whether this wine is old and how old it is, whether the wine was stored correctly, many wineries usually post information on the cork about the winery, the year the wine was produced, the name of the wine.

Champagne, Smoked Eel, Oysters, Creamy banana with hot chocolate, Strawberries, Raspberries, black caviar in a silver plate with gold decoration elements, Black and White Bread, Butter, Pineapple Juice.

In Japan they make exclusive wines, exclusive whiskeys. Wines and Whiskeys from Japan are very popular in the USA, Europe, China.

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some countries use non-alcoholic wine for weight loss

In the whole World, Internet Trade is rapidly growing with Non-Contact Food and Wine Delivery.

The sweetness and fortress of mulled wine revive a person, wine drives all the gyrus of the brain and lights in the depths of the soul a magical firework of sparkling wit and joy. Sir Walter Scott 1st Baronet – Famous Scottish writer

Rumor has it that Harry and Meghan want to open their own Winery for the production of Biodynamic Wine and Non-Alcoholic Wine. As you know, Meghan and Harry lead a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food, play sports.

Champagne! Porthos, chasing after us. You’re right for chasing red wine. Alexandre Dumas – Famous French writer

According to the rules of etiquette, a glass of wine should be held exclusively by the leg.

They bite from a bite, Alice went on thoughtfully, from mustard they are upset, from a bow they are disingenuous, they blame them for wine, and they get better. What a pity that nobody knows about this, everything would be so simple. We would eat hello and have wandered. Lewis Carroll – Famous English writer, philosopher, photographer

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Statements of Indian philosophers about wine, Indian films, Indian videos, about wine, verses of Indian poets and writers about wine, many readers are interested in this site, videos, films tell about Indian vineyards and wineries that produce good Indian wine since in India good conditions for wine production. Non-alcoholic wine is especially popular in India.
Beauty dies from wine, youth is reduced by wine. Quintus Horatius Flaccus – Roman poet

I’m not afraid of reproaches, I didn’t empty my pocket, but still away the wine and put up a glass. I always drank wine, looked for delights to the heart, why should I drink now when you are drunk. Omar Khayyam – Persian poet

The one who drinks too much a cup of wine hurts his drinking companion, because he does not drink for pleasure, but to get drunk. Marcus Cornelius Fronto – Roman grammar

Once, when Cicero was having dinner with Damasip, he, treating him to wine, said, drink this Falernian, he is forty years old. Right, said Cicero, it’s young for years. Marcus Tullius Cicero – Ancient Roman philosopher

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One glass of red wine contains approximately 115 calories

Wine for drunken acts is innocent, and should not be responsible for foolishness. Ibn Sina – Persian writer

A sip of hot wine, the best coat. Gaius Petronius Arbiter – Ancient Roman writer

Wine is also bad for making us take words for thoughts. Samuel Johnson – English writer

Wine makes a person transparent. Bolesław Prus – Polish writer

People know this property of wine to drown out the voice of conscience and consciously use it for these purposes. Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy – Russian writer

The mirror reflects the body, in guilt, the soul. Aeschylus – Ancient Greek playwright

Wine and youth, double ignition for sensuality. Why add fuel to the fire ? Jerome – Writer

Wine is the wings of lovers filled with ardor. Wine, these are roses and glitter on Lanita at Mila. Omar Khayyam – Persian poet

Non-alcoholic Wine is popular in China, and Sports, Yoga, Fitness are very popular in China.