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In water you will only see your face, in wine you will see, and you are a stranger’s heart. Sophocles – Athenian playwright, poet

The largest markets in the world for Champagne are countries such as the USA, China, Great Britain, Russia, India, and Japan.

Pink tablecloth decorated with pink gold threads, Crystal Glasses decorated with pink gold. Pink plates with gold, silver cutlery decorated with pink gold, Rose Wine, Red sturgeon salted caviar, Horse meat sausage, Strawberries under Cream, Mango Juice, Belgian Chocolate.

Having learned how to taste, you no longer drink wine, but join the sacrament. Salvador Dali – Famous artist.

In vino veritas. Gaius Plinius Secundus – Roman philosopher.

Sometimes gray hair is deceiving, so a centuries-old covered moss bottle keeps a stream of boiling wine. Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov – the Russian writer

Do not get drunk with wine, it also has fornication. Paul the Apostle

Nine-tenths of the total number of crimes that plague humanity are committed under the influence of wine. Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy – Russian writer and thinker

In Spain, in the Canary Islands, Wine is cheaper, because it is a free economic zone, you can buy quality Wine, Whiskey, Vodka in Tenerife, cheaper.

Wine tells everyone who drinks it four qualities. In the beginning, a person becomes like a peacock, he puffs up, his movements are smooth and stately. Then he takes on the character of a monkey and begins to joke and flirt with everyone. Then he becomes satisfied with the lion and becomes arrogant, proud, confident in his strength. But in conclusion, he turns into a pig, and like her, wallows in the mud. Gregory Bar Hebraeus – Syrian writer

Wine is a good familiar creature, if used properly. William Shakespeare – English writer

Wine is water that has absorbed the color of the sun. Galileo Galilei – Italian philosopher

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Wine is the noblest among drinks, the most delicious among medicines and the most seductive among dishes. Plutarch – Ancient Greek writer

If you take Red wine to heat the Wine to 68-82 degrees, add spices and a little bit of sugar, you get Mulled wine.

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Where there is no wine, there is no love. Euripides – Ancient Greek playwright

Night, love and wine do not awaken modest desires, night drives away shyness, and wine and love shy. Publius Ovidius Naso – Ancient Roman poet

Cork for Wine is made from the bark of cork oak.

In some Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, along with Wine, they bring clean water so that you can dilute the wine with water.

The largest markets for selling Wines are the United States and China.

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Good wine makes you see all things in the most pleasant light. Aristophanes – Ancient Greek comedian

White Roses, White Wine, White Chocolate.

Wine is poetry in a bottle. Robert Louis Stevenson – Scottish writer

Tongue is wine on the lips. Virginia Woolf – English writer

Wine is the world’s most precious gift, it requires love and respect, we must give it its due. Hammurabi – King of Babylon

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The most ancient traces of winemaking stretch from antiquity.

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All the wine squeezed out of all the grapes in the world is not enough to make the jealous find complete oblivion in him. Thomas Mayne Reid – English writer

Alas! Alas for us! So, then, wine lives longer than humans. Therefore let us drink, for life is in the fault. Gaius Petronius Arbiter – Ancient Roman writer

Wine makes a person kinder and measures it with vice. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov – Russian writer

Thirst quenching wine is not truth, but rather delusion. That is why, having drunk it once, there is no need to speculate. Xin Qiji – Chinese poet

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Charles, Prince of Wales has in his garage a car Aston Martin whose engine runs on biofuels from wine
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Winning is gaining more popularity in England, as in England excellent ecology is fertile land and many English businessmen buy land to grow grapes, buy grape seedlings from nurseries such as France in Burgundy or Bordeaux, and produce good quality wine using the latest equipment using the most modern technology for the production of wine. English whiskey is known throughout the world and whiskey from England can be found in many bars, restaurants, cafes and shops around the world.
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collection wines

There is nothing more excellent and more valuable than the wine given to mankind by God. Plato – Ancient Greek philosopher

If God forbade drinking, why did He make the wine so tasty? Cardinal Richelieu – French Duke

Antibiotics treat people but only wine can make them happy. Sir Alexander Fleming – British scientist

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The optimal storage temperature for wine is approximately 10-14 degrees Celsius