Wine and fashion

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The wine industry has long and closely collaborated with the film industry. Between wine brands and cinema producers who make films, sign contracts for advertising in a film wine or whiskey, vodka. For example, the main character of the film drinks wine and on the table is a bottle of whiskey, wine or vodka of a famous alcohol brand, the cinema producer has more than enough ideas to advertise wine or whiskey in his films, the main thing is that it harmoniously fits into the film and alcohol producers pay well for it. The price of the collaboration depends on many factors, how famous the actors and models are, how famous the producer of the film is and what quality and how interesting and exciting the script for the film is. And the viewer does not suspect while watching the movie that he is shown an advertisement for wine, vodka or whiskey, because in the films they can advertise whatever they want, clothes, accessories, glasses, sportswear, a restaurant or cafe, hotel, hostel, casino or pub if this fits into the plot of the film and pay good money for it, as a rule a lot of film producers and investors will say please, we will be very glad to see your product in our film. The fashion industry is not far behind the cinema industry, where some designers and well-known models do not mind promoting alcohol brands, but there are also such models, designers and producers who will not advertise alcohol for any money and preferences and contracts. And there are a lot of such stars, actresses, models, producers, designers, models and actresses try to lead a healthy lifestyle and do not drink alcohol at all, some can drink a glass of non-alcoholic wine or beer. The non-alcoholic wine and non-alcoholic beer industry is gaining momentum and becoming a fairly profitable business, as people are increasingly striving for a healthy lifestyle, running, going to the fitness room, doing yoga, doing fitness exercises in the open air, and of course swimming, playing tennis, football, baseball and golf, which is very popular in many countries. Many stars, actors, presidents and businessmen love to play golf and drink a glass of good wine after playing golf, as they have a driver and they can let them drink a glass of good wine because they don’t have to drive a car. Recently, more and more people refuse alcohol and do not drink alcohol at all, there are investors who do not invest a single dollar, pound or euro in the alcohol business and there are a lot of such investors, so some winemakers or companies and startups related to the alcohol business try not to even turn to such investors or venture funds so as not to waste their time and not to disclose their idea to investors or venture funds who simply do not invest in such a business, and nobody needs to listen Advice instead of money, a good businessman who has a clear idea, a real business plan and understanding how to develop a company, how to conduct a business, so that the business grows and gives a good income. A businessman who clearly understands that the capitalization of a company’s business will grow needs fast money and then already waits for good business advice from investors and venture funds who have invested in this company and are really interested in the company’s business growing, and giving advice instead of money from such investors and venture capital funds are enough when the company’s business finally falls after such free advice, maybe then at the bottom they will give the company a little money for a decent share in the company. After all, investors and funds give money and the idea and work of the company are small things, and most importantly the investor or fund says money, the idea does not cost anything without money, even some funds and investors do not read any letters from startups, let alone write to this startup that the idea I’m not interested in not waiting for an answer but looking for new venture funds, looking for new investors for my business. Poets, actors, writers, philosophers, bankers, and presidents, billionaires and millionaires, kings, queens, princes and princesses, doctors and teachers, one way or another for many centuries talked about wine about the benefits of wine and the dangers of wine, is it worth drinking wine or it’s better not to even taste the wine, not to taste the wine. Typically, wine tasters try not to swallow wine and spill wine into special dishes. Many famous poets and writers spoke in favor of wine or against wine, but one way or another they spoke of wine, since wine is an ancient product, scientists, physicists and chemists tried to analyze the chemical composition of wine and, as a result of medical research, came to the conclusion whether there are any useful properties in wine for the human body. There are many opinions and studies, but the unequivocal answer to the question is wine is good or wine is not good, but the only thing some studies agree on is that if wine is useful, then in very small quantities it is better to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise, yoga, swimming and taking more walks in the fresh air, drink plenty of clean water and eat environmentally friendly food, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, regularly take tests and go to the doctor for examinations. Use devices to monitor the state of the body that automatically measure heart rate, pressure, blood sugar, many applications and programs have been invented that suggest how to do sports and fitness properly, how to eat properly and on time, count calories and even calculate how much a person will gain in weight if he drinks a glass of red, white or pink wine and how it will affect the human body. The debate over the usefulness of wine or the dangers of wine lasts for centuries, many people for wine but also many against wine and alcohol in general, and there are many such people, red wine and white difference not only in the taste of wine but also in the chemical composition of the wine sung by white wine and red wine from one grape will have different effects on the human body, and dry wine will have a different effect on the body than sweet or semi-sweet wine. The wine industry does not stand still and is constantly moving forward introducing know-how in winemaking and grape growing, new labels, bottles, corks, designers and marketers are coming up with new ways to sell their wine at a higher price, come up with promotions and discounts so that the wine buyer thinks he bought cheaper and he was just lucky to buy that particular bottle of wine. Look and consider it well and think whether it is necessary to have wine, it might be better to drink a glass of water or freshly squeezed juice. Cheeses, olives, sausages, chocolate, jamon, sweets, water, everything. The store would like to sell to the buyer along with a bottle of wine, but rather with a box of wine and to say goodbye to the buyer to sell some sort of lottery ticket with the words sure to win, come back to the store for shopping and the buyer came again and again tomorrow, which is the dream of almost every store, supermarket, wine store, because the more wine and food bought, the better things go with the business. And it’s good when I went to a store for wine I bought food, cologne, perfum, clothes and something else, such a store is always successful. Poems, poems, novels about sex, wine and love, about fidelity and betrayal where, in one way or another, wine played a role. Wine for kings and wine for ordinary people in ancient times differed in quality and taste, in many historical and modern films you can see from which beautiful glasses and pitchers they drink wine in many photographs and paintings kings and emperors, presidents and aristocrats, lords with a glass of white wine or red wine and pink wine is painted on the paintings of many famous artists. It seems simple to draw a glass of wine, and many eminent artists painted a glass or a bottle of wine for many days and there are a lot of photos of wine on the Internet, but there are not really many interesting and high-quality photos of wine, but there are enough interesting photos of wine on the Internet. There are photographers or just people who are fond of photography, take photos of wine and then sell them on sites that specialize in selling photos, many talented photographers who make interesting high-quality photos with the idea of ​​making a lot of money selling their photos on specialized photo selling sites. Top models with a bottle of wine in hand or next to the model, many fashion shows end with a party where famous brands of wine stand on the tables and of course the wine falls into photos and videos on the pages of world newspapers and magazines, people watch TV and Internet films and programs where they show wine and as a rule, a brand of wine, well, just a bottle directly on the label clearly fell into the frame sometimes by accident. Journalists and wine critics take part in the show and tell TV how to taste wine properly, what food to drink dry white wine with, and what better to eat with red semisweet wine, which oysters are more suitable for champagne, and how much oysters and wine should be consumed so that later there is no heartburn . Someone will say that it can be better when things go so well that a person has heartburn from oysters, black caviar with champagne or red caviar with red Burgundy wine. As a rule, wine ads can also be advertised with a luxury car, when a star or a main character drinks wine in the backseat of a luxury expensive car or shoot erotic scenes against a background of a famous brand’s wine bottle in a famous film. Advertising is the engine of trade. The more a recognized brand of wine is, the more wine they buy, the more money a wine producer has. Some shops and supermarkets gladly put large and well-known brands on the shelf of the store and are reluctant to negotiate with small wineries that produce excellent quality wine, so small wineries are forced to turn to intermediaries and distributors to sell their wine.