Red Dessert Wine, created in 1902 and bottled in 400 bottles, of which one bottle of Wine called Easter in Jerusalem remained in the World; this bottle of Wine is stored in the Wine Collection of Moldova.

Some Wine Boutiques offer to buy handmade chocolates or exclusive handmade chocolates with a bottle of exclusive, collection wine. You can order delivery through the Wine and Sweets online store to anywhere in the World.

Francis Ford Coppola owns vineyards in the Napa Valley where good Wine is produced.

Dry Red Wine, Black Chocolate Banana with Cream, decorated with Fresh Raspberries, Freshly Squeezed Juice from Watermelon.

Biodynamic Wine is gaining popularity in the World, some Wineries produce only Biodynamic Wine.

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Sweet Champagne, Black Caviar, pineapple juice.

Champagne, oysters, black caviar, black chocolate and freshly squeezed juice of Sicilian red orange.

A drinker of wine and a drinker of water cannot but think differently. Demosthenes – Ancient Greek speaker

Wine connoisseurs buy in their wine collections, Wines made in Israel, Wines from Israel have good taste, have a long and pleasant finish, in Israel good ecology, sung Wine from Israel is so popular throughout the world.

According to some Wine Experts, the fastest growing is the Wine category in the price range of 10-20 US dollars.

Spicy Adjika Salami Cheese honey Olives Juice from pomegranate oyster snails with cheese Dry White wine.


Cahors Red Fortified Dessert Wine.

The vine brings three clusters: a bunch of pleasure, a bunch of intoxication and a bunch of disgust. Anacharsis – Scythian sage

Give your friends Wine and Food with delivery, Nice Gift.


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Red wine, Black sausage with venison, Smoked Sturgeon, Oysters, Raspberries under Cream, Good appetite.

Rose Wine. Strawberry. Cream.

Life should be enjoyed as excellent wine, sip by sip, with a breather. Even the best wine loses all its charm to us, we stop appreciating it when we drink like water. Ludwig Andreas von Feuerbach – German philosopher

Night, and even wine, does not allow judging beauty, night hides flaws and makes it impossible to make up the concept of any negative aspects, this watch makes any woman a beauty. Publius Ovidius Naso – Ancient Roman poet

Wine reveals the secrets of the soul, crushes being to our hopes, conquers cowardice, dispels the dismay of anxiety and teaches us new means of fulfilling our desires. Quintus Horatius Flaccus – Ancient Roman poet

World Wine sales are growing every year, consumption of non-alcoholic Wine is increasing.

In Silicon Valley, many non-alcoholic wines are sold, rose wine, white wine, red wine, and organic wine is also popular.

Draining a cup of wine with a leaf of bamboo, listen to the sound of the wind and admire the moon, so you can shake off the dust of this world. Hong Zicheng – Chinese poet, philosopher

The whole kingdom – for a glass of wine! All the wisdom of books is for the severity of wine. All honors – for shine and wine velvet. All the music – for the gurgling of wine. Omar Khayyam – Famous Persian poet

Harry and Megan drank a cup of non-alcoholic Wine for good luck.

Red Wine, Pear, Kiwi, Apples, Banana, Strawberry.

Sex,wine and rock and roll words that were popular in 60 years.

The USA, France, Italy, Spain, China, India, in these countries the production of Wines is very developed. A good climate, state support for winemaking, good soil, good Winemakers, it turns out good Wine.

Cupid once asked me if I wanted to drink his wine, I didn’t have thirst at that time, but I drank the goblet all the way to the bottom. Mikhail Lermontov – Russian poet, writer

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g.A sip of hot wine, the best coat. Gaius Petronius Arbiter – Ancient Greek poet

Some Wineries offer a service bathing in young Wine, a bath or a barrel filled with young wine, slightly warm up the Wine, and customers can enjoy bathing in a young Wine. Wineries that provide a bathing service in Wine say that Wine rejuvenates the skin, some visitors want to bathe in a barrel or tub in warm old Wine, someone prefers to bathe in White Wine, someone in Red Wine, and someone likes to bathe in Champagne.

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Winning is gaining more popularity in England, as in England excellent ecology is fertile land and many English businessmen buy land to grow grapes, buy grape seedlings from nurseries such as France in Burgundy or Bordeaux, and produce good quality wine using the latest equipment using the most modern technology for the production of wine. English whiskey is known throughout the world and whiskey from England can be found in many bars, restaurants, cafes and shops around the world.

Frank speech, like wine and love, causes the same frankness. Michel de Montaigne – French writer and poet

Wine is our friend, but deceit lives in it, you drink a lot – poison, you drink a little – medicine. Do not do yourself too much harm, drink in moderation – and the kingdom will last a lifetime. Ibn Sina – Persian philosopher

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Every year, on the third Thursday of November, an official holiday is held in France dedicated to the beginning of the Beaujolais Nouveau wine tasting

The Vine is afraid of bacteria, carriers of bacteria, climatic and environmental conditions, also for the Vine needs good soil, humidity, Water.

Sometimes wine brands can put their logo of Wine on souvenirs, clothes, glasses. In shops you can see gift sets of Wine with glasses or Wine and Souvenir as a gift, all this is marketing.

Wine is also bad for making us take words for thoughts. Samuel Johnson – English writer

Remember, gentlemen, we are fighting not only for France, we are for champagne. Winston Churchill – Politician

There is a wonderful thing in the world, it is a bottle of good wine. Nikolai Gogol – Russian writer

Wine is the noblest among drinks, the most delicious among medicines and the most seductive among dishes. Plutarch – Ancient greek writer

We all, like the one who is drunk with wine, the drunkard knows to eat, they say, where is that house. He only knows how to get home, using the path under a drunken foot. Geoffrey Chaucer – English poet

I would not want to live with a man who lies when he is sober, and who must be poured with wine in order to wrest the words of truth from him. Samuel Johnson – English writer

There was a thirst for life, but it seemed to him that he wanted to drink, and he drank wine. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov – Russian writer

Eat not to satiety, not to drink intoxicated. Benjamin Franklin – Politician

On many photos in a magazine, newspaper or on the Internet you can find a photo of wine.

In order to make one bottle of good wine you need to spend from 1.5 kg to 2 kg of good grapes.

Fruit Wine Wine made from fruits such as Pomegranate, apple, raspberry.

Sports, healthy Food, Walking or Running, Yoga, Swimming, pure drinking Water can be helpful in losing weight.

Wine is bottled poetry. Robert Louis Stevenson - English writer
Wine is bottled poetry. Robert Louis Stevenson – English writer

Champagne! Porthos, chasing after us. You’re right, red wine is more suitable for chasing. Alexandre Dumas – French writer

Do not drink anymore, said Ulenspiegel. Drinking hastily is only good for the kidneys. It will bring more benefits to those who have no wine at all. Charles-Theodore-Henri De Coster – Belgian writer

From white wine pain does not disappear at all, but only becomes dull. Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov – Russian writer

A beer mug to us, the moon, and the sun, a glass of wine. Robert Burns – Scottish poet

I will never refuse to drink, our healer is the only one who treats wine. Thomas Hardy – English writer

How much nastiness and stench in the world! Covering my nose, I sleeve a robe. And only the wine, too, as before, almost lost its aroma. Xin Qiji – Chinese poet

The robot that collects the grapes has great productivity since the robot works all the time and the robot does not need rest.

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In ancient Rome, women were forbidden to drink wine.

Where there is no wine, there is no love. Euripides – Ancient Greek playwright

When you drink wine, it becomes easier on the soul, but only for a while. Thomas Mayne Reid – English writer

I don’t know who and what is to blame, but films are already catching up with wine and even more harmful than wine. And soon everyone will feel sick of them equally. Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky – Russian writer

Do not be too persistent, remember that good wine should be drunk slowly. Know also that it is pleasant to desire, but more pleasant to be desired.Henryk Adam Aleksander Pius Sienkiewicz – Polish writer

Wine belongs to the category of drugs. Ibn Sina – Persian philosopher

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Red wine is probably a better antiseptic than white wine, but in general, wine is a bad antiseptic, if you need to wipe your hands with some kind of antiseptic, there is nothing available, it is better to wipe your hands with vodka. Vodka is probably a better antiseptic than wine, if you need to wipe something with an antiseptic and there is no antiseptic, but it is better to use special and certified antiseptics, of course, and disinfect vodka in an extreme case when there is no other antiseptic.

The best wine is the wine that is most liked by the one who drinks it. Gaius Plinius Secundus – Roman philosopher